Final 6 Videos From TEDxTauranga 2017 Now Online

Great news! I just updated our video page with the final 6 videos from TEDxTauranga 2017!

  1. Aisha Te Kani: “Unstuck”
  2. Mayank Thammalla: “Saving a Sinking Nation – re-purpose an oil rig!”
  3. Debra Lampshire: “Hearing Voices : an Insiders Guide to Auditory Hallucinations”
  4. Chris Battershill: “A Search For Answers Within The Prehistoric Sea Sponge Chemistry
  5. Plum Jam: Cool Jazz
  6. Freddy Matariki Carr: “Hula Hoopla”

See you next time!


Sheldon Nesdale
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First 6 Videos From TEDxTauranga 2017 Now Online

Great news! I just updated our video page with the first 6 videos from TEDxTauranga 2017!

  1. Claire Baker: “Common…NOT Normal”
  2. Mike Seawright: “Crossing No Mans Land”
  3. Shelly Davies: “Write like a Reader”
  4. Nick Harvey: “The Unspoken Conversation”
  5. Lynn Berresford: “The Gifted Adult”
  6. Toka Tu: Maori Kapa Haka Fusion

I’ll be in touch shortly with the next videos!


Sheldon Nesdale
Licencee for TEDxTauranga

TEDxTauranga 2017 Photos Now Available

Just a quick note to announce that the TEDxTauranga 2017 photos are now available (+ an indication of when to expect the videos).

TEDxTauranga 2017 Photos

Here’s a couple of compilations to get you started:

2 places to see the rest:

  1. Our TEDxTauranga Facebook Photo Gallery
  2. Our TEDxTauranga Flickr Gallery (high resolution)

Go ahead and tag yourself, or others you know, and download and share pics that remind you of your favourite moments.

Q: “When will the TEDxTauranga 2017 videos be ready?”

Hopefully just a couple of weeks from now. I’ll get back to you when they are ready.



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A Recount of TEDxTauranga 2017 (7 October) “Perspective”

1 – The Beginning

Hello, my name is Claire Piper and I’ll be your tour guide for this trip through TEDxTauranga 2017.

This is a long article, so I’m going to sum things up right away by telling you two things:

I’m the sort of person who is way too busy to go to things like this. The sort of person who uses the word busy a lot. I default to wearing cynicism like a protective cloak, and can isolate myself in a place I never really chose as my hometown. I’m one of those people who works hard at self-improvement. I don’t need more new ideas and to meet more people – I spend most of my days trying to deal with the ideas and people I already have and know. I’m a real barrel of fluffy ducks. Let’s hang out some time!

TEDxTauranga 2017 taught me that giants walk among us. A random person walking down Devonport Road can teach me about the sort of strength, compassion, and insight that I could spend my life searching for the world over. My people are right here. My fears and weaknesses are welcome. My busyness, stresses, and eye-rolling are only symptoms of forgetfulness. I forget that I am connected to you, and that there is always a way through. If I don’t practice connecting to this town and its people, I can forget that I am powerful beyond measure to do something right now, with what I already have. I have nothing to prove and nothing to achieve outside of providing a home for your story through my simple presence and receptivity.

Connection must be practiced to stay alive. TEDxTauranga reminded me that I’m at home.

2 – The Live Agenda

Speaker 1 – Mike Seawright

Mike is used to being asked what it’s like to work in a warzone. Through ReliefAid, he and his team face unthinkable risks to channel humanitarian aid to families in the middle of warzones.

He can’t describe what it’s like to know that you provided the warring parties with GPS coordinates of your hospital and feel their shells rain down on you anyway.

He certainly can’t describe what it’s like to dedicate your life to protecting Miriam, an 11 year old resident of Aleppo City in Syria who needed a warm jacket to survive a freezing winter without shelter. To describe what it’s like to get Miriam the jacket, and find her body a year later as the siege of Aleppo descended away.

The only thing Mike can do is ask his people, the people of Tauranga, if they can imagine what they’d do to protect their children if war was raging on the street outside. As he describes the panic of a parent protecting their child during war, a Tauranga newborn stirs in the row behind me.

We know what love for our family is and what we would do to help them if they need us. These people who suffer on the front lines of war, are just like us, and they need us to help them.

Speaker 2 – Claire Baker

There’s something about being in a hall of 800 people all lifting their bits in unison. You know, the bits, those nether regions you instinctively contract as freezing cold water creeps above your knees. You’re doing it right now, I know you are.

These bits are the pelvic floor and Claire told us that 1 in 8 of us have problems with it. It’s common to pee a little bit when you’re playing netball, it’s common to poo a little bit as you race to get from your car to the bathroom at the end of a workday; it’s even common to feel like parts of your uterus might drop out if you squat too quickly. It’s common, and Claire needs us to know it’s not normal.

Dr Arnold Kegal “discovered” how integral pelvic floor muscles were to overall health and wellbeing in the 1940s, and precious little pelvic floor research has reached the mainstream since.

Any body with a body can experience pelvic floor pain and disfunction, and it’s our squeamishness and shame that compels many of us to accept it as our new normal. It’s common, Claire reminds us, not normal, and it’s time to ask for help.

Speaker 3 – Lynn Berresford

Lynn was told early on in life that she was “gifted”. Mensa says that a gifted person has an IQ of more than 130. Those who claim to have an IQ of more than 200 are definitely making things up. There is a spectrum of neurology, and people all along the spectrum have unique attributes to contribute to society.

Gifted people can display heightened levels of creativity and the ability to receive and process multiple complex concepts at a time. And this can be a burden. For the people who Lynn has helped through her psychology practice, this often manifests as perfectionism and an attraction to extremes. People who are gifted can struggle to articulate the agony that their own unmet expectations create.

I can’t have been the only one in the audience suddenly compelled to tell their friends and family that I am a pain in the butt because I am gifted. Lynn was quick to remind us, however, that gifted is not the same as talented. So I’m just a pain the butt.

Speaker 4 – Mayank Thammalla

I’ll tell you something I’m not proud of – my heart sinks when I hear someone say “climate change refugees” and I want to check Twitter instead. This is one of my coping mechanisms for the panic and helplessness I feel when considering the grim consequences of our collective brutal treatment of our planet. Please don’t make me feel worse about it.

Ok, said Mayank. How about I see your panic, and raise you a solution. How about I, Mayank, take my opportunity to study a Masters of Architecture in New Zealand and come up with an idea. An idea that can save the Maldives and its culture from being destroyed by rising sea waters by 2100.

How about those decommissioned oil rigs littering the Indian Ocean be repurposed and adapted to allow the 130,000 strong population of the Maldives’ capital, Male, to recreate their social, religious, and economic life on these floating islands? Could these floating islands allow traditional coconut timber structures be rediscovered, retain the urban design of Male neighbourhoods, and revitalise the Maldivian island-hopping trade routes?

Why the hell not? More unlikely things have happened. There is still time.

Entertainment 1 – Plum Jam

These musicians from the Tauranga Boys High Class of ’16 delivered the smoothest sounds I’ve heard in a while. A four (usually five) piece ensemble, this jazz/funk outfit had drums, bass, bap-bap-booping vocals, and some freakishly skilful keyboard playing.

They’re off to study music, they’re available for hire, and they’re headed for great things.

Speaker 5 – Sarah Thomson

Sarah learned something at law school that took me many years to figure out – we can do the thing that we wish someone else would do.

In 2015, with a team of lawyers and scientists, Sarah, a University of Waikato student, applied for a judicial review of the way in which the New Zealand government set their emission targets in compliance with the Paris Climate Agreement. Just as Mr Fitzgerald held Prime Minister Muldoon to account for his shoddy decision-making as an elected official in the 1980s, Sarah feels the citizens of New Zealand deserve transparency around their acts, or omissions, in contributing to the global fight against climate change.

I’m a constitutional law nerd (like I said, I’m a real hoot) and the tool of judicial review, a way that allows the court to determine whether a government’s decision is lawful and reasonable, really gets me going. By doing what she wished someone else would do, Sarah has reminded the government, and each of us, that no one person or one country is big enough to be in charge of managing climate change. It takes each of us to act, together.

Speaker 6 – Nick Harvey

Nick points out that asking the right question is more important, and more efficient, than trying to get at the right answer. So let him cut to the chase.

There are three questions that are most important to leaders in businesses, families, and communities; what is the most important thing for a leader to do? Why aren’t I reaching my full potential? And how do I inspire at motivate others?

The answers? The most important thing for a leader to do is to be aware of and bring light to the “unspoken” conversations that dominate a team. Leaders won’t reach their full potential if they will not hold a mirror to their own fears and failings, and question them until those fears and failings lose their power. And the most effective way to inspire and motivate others is through centeredness and calmness; people will trust and follow those whose internal waters run deep.

Nick made us draw a bunch of triangles on a bit of paper, twice, and now we know why we need a leadership coach. You had to be there.

Speaker 7 – Aisha Te Kani

I have two problems at this point. One is that my meager writing talents cannot adequately describe what happened in the Trinity Church as Aisha spoke. The other is that by the end of this talk my tears had gathered in a pool under my spacebar key on my laptop and I think I need to get it checked out.

Aisha was born with club feet and her heart outside of her body. Aisha’s medical history is one of extended hospitalisations, torturous treatments, and unwelcome surprises as the biological implications of her miracle heart made themselves known.

The medical challenges resulting from her heart and club feet inflicted far less pain than the way she was treated by her community. The sneering. The prodding. The wild assumptions. The exclusions. When do our failings of human kindness amount to cruelty? How do we allow beautiful quirks of anatomy to turn into a compulsion to deny the humanity of a person? How have my own failures to be kind contributed to the despair felt by people like Aisha?

Aisha has felt the mud of life – the toxic, sticky, black mud– try to keep her stuck. And she has taken that mud and walked forward with it. Galvanized by her faith, the love of her parents and her brother Joshua, she has walked forward.

The roof of the Trinity Church hall lifted a little as she walked off the stage.

Entertainment 2 – Freddy Matariki Carr

Have you ever seen someone combine rhythmic hoop gymnastics with modern dance? Ok but how about with two hoops? Yeah, but with hoops that glow in the dark? Thought so.

Freddy Matariki Carr is a flow artist and dancer that travels the world drawing inspiration from foreign lands and layering them with a uniquely New Zealand performance. Graceful, soothing, and beautiful.

Speaker 8 – Shelly Davies

Shelly, if you’re still reading this, help me.

Help me write like a reader. Help me be more respectful of this TEDxTauranga audience suffering through this recap by removing the waffly words that make my sentences long and refining my over-zealous use of punctuation that obscures my message. I don’t really know how to use semi colons, but use them I will.

Shelly is waging a war against the formal business voice in writing. She told us that there is a voice in our head that, as our fingers touch the key pads, tells us to mimic authors of articles in academic journals. Which is fine, if we have the skill to always write as authors of articles in academic journals. And we don’t, guys, we don’t.

Plain English is no less professional, legally binding, or credible than traditional formal business writing. In fact because it uses fewer words, quickly informs the reader of the message, and provides them comfort that they understand the message, it may be more professional, credible, and legally persuasive than formal business writing.

Help me, Shelly, I still have three speaker recaps to go!

Speaker 9 – Chris Batershill

As I’ve told you, I’m the sort of person who gets jazzed about judicial reviews. Chris Batershill therefore had a steep road ahead of him to encourage me to think about sea sponges in the middle of a Saturday afternoon.

Chris must be a hill sprinter, because let me tell you what I learned about sea sponges. They’re pretty much as the same as they were 800 million years ago. Sponges are a billion dollar industry. They are wickedly efficient water-filtering machines. Cool. So far, so sciencey.

What is very cool, though, is that sea sponges evolved not by growing legs but by cherry-picking the best chemical properties of the bugs and organisms floating around them in the water. This means they are now tiny chemical weapons living in the ocean, using their ridiculously powerful arsenal to sense and neutralise cells that may impede their ability to grow and survive.

What becomes verrrry cool is when you think of people like Chris hanging around Dunedin sewers, harvesting the special sea sponges who love Dunedin (only Dunedin) sewers, and using those natural chemical weapons to sense and neutralise cancer cells in humans.

Fine, I’m into sea sponges now.

Speaker 10 – Mel Lee

Mel, like me, was a baby of the 80s. This means we can track the milestones in our lives so far by what mobile phones we had at each stage. I started with an Alcatel (orange), Mel started with a Nokia (blue), and we were both entirely unable to imagine the sophistication of the iPhone 6 we hold in our hands in 2017.

If the sophistication of computer chips continue to double every eighteen months, can we even fathom our technological lives in twenty or thirty years? Mel says that by 2049, $1000 will buy us a computer that has the intellectual power of all human brains combined. There is no reason to believe this won’t happen.

Indeed, the speed of artificial intelligence development is as exponential as those computer chips. Mel is looking forward to a future in which her fridge pours her wine and she has conversations without moving her mouth. I remain perturbed by the complex ethical issues about to face the human race as machines become smarter than us and believe that those developing these technologies must have reference to the social sciences.

If the machines stick to just pouring wine, though, it’s going to be cool.

Speaker 11 –  Debra Lampshire

Debra is a mental health specialist who helps people who hear voices that others don’t. And that’s all that I’m able to clearly describe to you about her talk.

What’s going to be harder is to describe the bravery and generosity Debra gifted us by sharing her experience of living with voices others can’t hear. As her voice shook and heart broke, Debra stepped us through her relationship with people she can’t see but who impact her every living moment.

These people are obsessed with her. They promise her safety, comfort, and redemption while telling her she’s unattractive, unlovable, and alone. They are her protectors when the stress and pain of life become unbearable, but that protection turns as quickly into isolation from all that is lovely in life.

Debra’s reality isn’t visible to us, so can leave her exposed to being labelled as “crazy”. When will we accept that others have realities that are different to ours? Why are the spaces between our respective realities so quickly filled with fear instead of curiosity?

The final heartbreak was Debra thanking us for listening to her. Debra, thank you.

Entertainment 3 – Toka Tu

Haka fusion combines the immense power of Māori kapahaka with the buoyancy of hip hop. Toka Tu will lead the New Zealand pop culture renaissance if New Zealand pop culture knows what’s good for it.

We need a modern interpretation of a unique Aotearoa music and dance culture, and Toka Tu’s athleticism, story-telling, and wild poi work are the best example I’ve seen. What a joyous note to walk out on.

3 – The Supporting Acts

The TED Talks

Were chosen by Year 13s at Otumoetai College were shown between sessions on the big screen and are well worth a review:

The Food

Indonesian beef curry or rich lentils and pumpkin, the catering team looked like an orchestra playing in perfect unison as they delivered nourishment into our bellies. Brownies, slices, and fresh bananas kept the energy levels high, and the reusable plates thanks to the Plate Exchange made sure those waste bins sat empty.

The People

The TEDxTauranga volunteer team contributed over 6,000 collective hours to putting this community event on. The impact this year’s session had on me reaffirmed my gratitude for the service of these people. What an asset for a town like ours.

Thank you.

– Claire Piper


Tick Tock, Tick Tock. Time Is Running Out. Got Your Tickets Yet For TEDxTauranga? (7 October 2017)

Just 7 days until TEDxTauranga!

Thank you to all those who have got themselves tickets already, now it’s time for the rest of you to take action and buy your tickets to TEDxTauranga 2017:

  • When?: Saturday 7 October 2017, 10am to 6pm
  • Where?: Holy Trinity Church, 215 Devonport Rd, Tauranga
  • Cost?: $99 per person (discounted student tickets are sold out, there are a few discounted senior tickets left)

We’ve got an action packed line-up of speakers for you (10!), + 3 entertainment acts + glorious food all day + a room packed of people as interesting as you are.

I encourage you to ring/text your friends and get them to join you, but don’t be afraid to come solo too, I guarantee that you’ll make new friends.

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Have you seen our 60 second promo video?

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Yay! 4 More Speakers Announced For TEDxTauranga 2017!

Hooray! 4 more (of our 10) speakers for TEDxTauranga 2017.

4 More Speakers for TEDxTauranga 2017

7. Chris Battershill

From below the Antarctic sea ice to sewage outfalls, Chris Battersill deep dives into the biodiversity discussion that is so relevant to our own Bay of Plenty coast line.

Chris Battershill became the inaugural Professor and Chair of Coastal Science with the University of Waikato in January 2011. He has returned to New Zealand following twelve years as leader of the Marine Resources and Biodiversity Teams at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), focusing on coastal processes, conservation, oil and gas industry development in the north and west of Australia, new species aquaculture and biodiscovery.

From an MSc in environmental toxicology (Maui Environmental Program), he completed his PhD at Auckland University in reef ecology in 1986 then undertook a 3 year Research Fellowship funded by the National Cancer Institute (US) based at the University of Canterbury, where he led the biological program associated discovery of anti-cancer active chemicals from New Zealand seas. He did Post Doc work in Australia and then worked at DoC and NIWA for 11 years focusing on sedimentary impacts on coastal ecosystems, sustainability of marine resource use, again building capacity in research associated with drug discovery from marine sources. The drug Halaven® and two other leads, now in late phase preclinical trial at the NCI, resulted from the New Zealand teams’ work, and four drug leads were advanced in Australia.

Battershill’s research in the field of Marine Biotechnology has been based on examining the ecological role of biologically active metabolites from marine invertebrates and algae, thus allowing translation to applied uses for medicine and agriculture.  The outcome is providing the leads for remedies needed by society. An underpinning driver is valuing marine biodiversity and championing its conservation.

8. Nick Harvey

What is the key to reaching your full leadership potential and in turn your full life potential? Nick asks and answers the three key leadership questions; the answers to which transcend leadership into our daily lives. Nick Harvey, leadership development, based in Wellington.

Nick is a business strategist who works directly with business owners, boards, CEO’s and their leadership teams on leadership, strategy, and execution.

Focusing on the 3 pillars, strategy, culture and the market, Nick specializes in strategic planning, team culture and customer experience with a specialization in leadership, team engagement and sales strategy.

After completing his BMS at the University of Waikato, Nick worked in the US before returning to NZ in 2002 to run his industrial packaging company.

For the past 7 years, Nick has consulted to business owners and leaders throughout NZ and internationally.

9. Debra Lampshire

Debra Lampshire, the owner of mutinous mind, works to dismantle the barriers that prevent awareness and compassion around mental illness in our society. Debra lives in Auckland.

Debra has an extensive background as a mental health educator.

Debra is a professional teaching fellow at The University of Auckland and also a Project Manager for Auckland District Health Board. Debra has transferred her 30 years of the lived experience of recovery, voice hearing and the shared experiences of the consumers she has worked with, into a wealth of knowledge that is collaborative, interactive and empowering.  She is a prominent leader and mentors to others within the service-user and clinical movement in New Zealand and a well know trainer, educator, writer and advocate within national and international mental health services. Recipient of the Making a Difference Award and the Supreme  Award Winner of the 2017 ACC Attitude Awards

Debra is the current Chairperson for ISPS New Zealand and a member of the executive committee for ISPS international.

10. Lynn Berresford

Intelligence does not always mean success in life. Lynn talks about the mixed blessings of what the world calls “gifted”.

M.Ed [Hons], Dip Teaching [Distinction], Registered Psychologist with over 40 years of experience working with adults, children, and teenagers with exceptional needs.  Lynn has developed extensive and practical knowledge of these individuals who learn differently.

Lynn has acted as the Gifted Education Centre consultant psychologist ever since the establishment of the centre in 1995.   She was one of the “Ask an Expert” on the Ministry of Education TK1 website [Gifted and Talented Community Parent and Whanau].

She is a life member of the NZ Psychological Society and life member of SPELD New Zealand.  She is also a member of the N.Z. Counsellors Association and N.Z. Gifted Children Association.  She was a founding member of the Auckland group for gifted parents and gifted children.

Lynn is a dedicated, experienced and skilled advocate for individuals who have behaviours reflecting Giftedness, Dyslexia, Attention Deficits, Dyspraxia, Aspergers etc.

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Heard About Our “Pay-it-Forward” Tickets?

Because TEDxTauranga is a premium event our ticket price is out of reach for some people.

That sucks because we are all about diversity and we don’t want price to be a barrier to stop people enjoying our event with us.

That’s why we are offering “Pay it forward” tickets (an idea we stole from TEDxWellington!).

Here’s how it works:

You buy a “Pay-it-forward” ticket for $198 and you’ll receive one place for yourself, while gifting a seat to one of our fantastic chosen charities (listed below) who will pass it on to a deserving member of their targeted community.

Get your TEDxTauranga fix and feel the warm fuzzies, all in one go!

1. Bellyful Tauranga: Bellyful is a charity providing meals to families with newborn babies and families with young children who are struggling with illness.

2. Avalon Tauranga: Avalon is a charitable trust, that works alongside disadvantaged individuals in the Bay of Plenty, to enhance their knowledge, skills and capacities, reducing barriers to inclusion and supporting the development of valued roles, enabling them each to life an ordinary life of their choosing.

3. Young Innovator Awards (Tauranga): The Young Innovator Awards (YiA) is a local awards programme for students in Tauranga/Western Bay of Plenty to promote innovation.  Each year they Intermediate / Secondary School students to build inventions and generate ideas for innovative products or services that make the world a better place.

4. More on the way soon!

So if you haven’t already got your ticket to TEDxTauranga sorted, how about you buy a Pay-it-forward ticket today so we can find someone less fortunate than you to join us?

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Yay! 3 More Speakers Announced For TEDxTauranga 2017!

Hooray! 3 more (of our 10) speakers for TEDxTauranga 2017.

3 More Speakers for TEDxTauranga 2017

4. Mel Lee

In the future, my workout shirt will have a mind of it’s own; I feel sorry for that thing! Mel’s upbeat perspective on the future of artificial intelligence will have you chuckling …and leave you thinking. Mel Lee, Founder of Backchat Media, lives in Katikati

Mel Lee has developed digital, social and content strategies for some of the

world’s biggest brands including McDonald’s, Pepsi Co, Seven West Media and

Cadbury. In 2014 at 24 years old, Mel founded Backchat Media Ltd, a boutique agency focused on ‘digital innovation with imagination’. The company now has offices in Auckland, Melbourne and Tauranga. Mel also developed the Lady Business Bootcamp, an online programme to help females set up and run their own online businesses from anywhere. Previously Mel held senior digital roles at OMD NZ, Southern Cross Austereo and Television New Zealand. She is also an active blogger, presenter and public speaker. Mel’s passionate about exponential technologies, cabernet sauvignon and anything made out of carbohydrates.

5. Aisha Te Kani

Aisha is one of a kind… the kind who refuses to accept limitations and defies expectations, no matter the odds. Aisha Te Kani, lives in Tauranga

Aisha is a 37-year-old woman from Tauranga who is an accomplished public speaker and is passionate about inspiring, motivating and introducing hope to her audience. Aisha has been invited to speak on many stages, both nationally and internationally, and welcomes the opportunity to keep doing what she loves

“My love of public speaking began when I was young when at the age of 12 I spoke for the first time in front of a school assembly sharing about my life.  I am a unique New Zealander in the type of medical condition I grew up with. I use my story and different aspects of my personal experiences to encourage and inspire those I speak to. I have spoken at a range of events, conferences and gatherings both here in New Zealand and overseas”.

6. Claire Baker

Does the thought of discussing your private bits make you cringe? Claire talks about surprisingly common issues which most of us don’t dare discuss. Claire Baker, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, lives in Tauranga

Claire Baker is a pelvic floor physiotherapist and health coach passionate about reconnecting women to their bodies after childbirth and beyond. Warning signs of incontinence, prolapse, bowel dysfunction and sexual dysfunction are often ignored by women and men because of shame and embarrassment or belief that these issues are a “Normal”. Claire is passionate about letting people know that these issues are super common but not normal and you do not need to put up with them. Claire graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor of Health Science in Physiotherapy from Auckland University of Technology and in 2008 completed her Clinical Masters in Brisbane, Australia. Claire is kept busy running her physio practice and raising two young children and makes every effort play in the great outdoors with her family.

Have You Got Your Tickets For TEDxTauranga 2017 Yet?

  • When?: Saturday 7 October 2017, 10am to 6pm
  • Where?: Holy Trinity Church, 215 Devonport Rd, Tauranga
  • What?: 10 live speakers on stage + 3 entertainment acts + glorious food all day
  • Cost?: $100 per person (discounts available for students and seniors)
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The First 3 Speakers For TEDxTauranga 2017 Announced…

Tickets for TEDxTauranga 2017 go on sale tomorrow, yay!

In the meantime, it’s our pleasure to announce the first three (of our 10) speakers for TEDxTauranga 2017:

First 3 Speakers for TEDxTauranga 2017

1. Mike Seawright

Crossing no man’s land – Mike Seawright left the corporate world for conflict zones and found humanity at its best. Mike Seawright is founder of ReliefAid and lives in Auckland.

Since leaving the corporate world behind 13 years ago, Mike Seawright has been delivering humanitarian assistance to families living in the world’s conflict zones. He has provided medical aid in Iraq, Yemen and South Sudan, economic development projects in Afghanistan, shelter, and education aid in Pakistan and most recently Syria. Frustrated that not enough was being done to help families affected by war and conflict Mike founded ReliefAid.  With a simple vision of helping families who had no one else to turn too, ReliefAid has delivered life-saving aid to over 68,000 people in war torn Syria, and he is not stopping there. While his work surrounds him in war and conflict Mike counts himself lucky to bear witness to what he calls “the very best of humanity”. He feels strongly about speaking out on behalf of those who are unable to speak for themselves. Mike’s experience has also shown him families really are the same the world over and that we can make a difference to those less fortunate than ourselves.

With a simple vision of helping families who had no one else to turn too, ReliefAid has delivered life-saving aid to over 68,000 people in war torn Syria, and he is not stopping there. While his work surrounds him in war and conflict Mike counts himself lucky to bear witness to what he calls “the very best of humanity”. He feels strongly about speaking out on behalf of those who are unable to speak for themselves. Mike’s experience has also shown him families really are the same the world over and that we can make a difference to those less fortunate than ourselves.

2. Shelly Davies

We don’t like to read the formal business voice. But somehow we still feel the need to write it. Come on, people! Reconnect with your reader-self. That formal business voice is DEAD. Shelly Davies, Head Ninja & Rockstar Writer, lives in the Tron.

Shelly Davies is Managing Director of Hamilton-based Shelly Davies Writing & Training.  Shelly bounced unconventionally and entertainingly into the New Zealand communications landscape in 2012.  With a brand that’s exploded across a surprising mix of sectors and industries she’s now leading the pack.

“Brand Shelly” is out of the box, bubbly, pretty damn irresistible, more than a little sassy, and rapidly giving fewer and fewer f*cks what anyone thinks.  And it’s working.  Her writing is sharp, sought after, and highly paid.  Her trainings are high energy, instantly impactful, and booked up to 2 years in advance.

She did her time in the classroom torturing teenagers and indoctrinating university students with academic conventions.  She killed off one husband,trainingut another one, and popped out 3 money-sucking vampires.  And then she discovered something amazing: good writing PAYS.  And like common sense, it ain’t common.


3. Mayank Thammalla

We as a species must adapt to the changing geography of our earth. Mayank uses an architectural design approach to look at how to shift the notion of culture and its connection to a disappearing landscape. Mayank lives in Tauranga.

Mayank Thammalla grew up in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand and spent his childhood surrounding himself with nature’s beauty. Mayank holds a Masters of Architecture and is based in Mount Maunganui.

From a young age, Mayank was always inspired by the natural environment that he was surrounded with and knew that he was destined to work in the creative industry.

Mayank was considered 1 of 10 Designboom’s architectural visionaries of 2015.

Yay! 5 New Sponsors On Board

We’ve had several awesome sponsors come on board in the last few weeks:

  1. Tauranga City Council
    • Year after year Tauranga City Council has supported our Event. Thanks TCC!
  2. The University of Waikato
    • Have been on the ground here in Tauranga since 1998 and the exciting new tertiary partership means a new campus in the CBD soon, exciting stuff! Thanks Waikato Uni!
  4. Bay of Connections
    • Is the regional growth strategy for the wider Bay of Plenty, with a vision of creating a prosperous region supported by sustainable sectors. Yay for the Bay!

  5. Bluelab
    • Another amazing Tauranga based company, yay! Bluelab exports innovative high-end hydroponic technology to the world from Tauriko. Thanks Bluelab!

Quick Facts About TEDxTauranga 2017

  • When?: Saturday 7 October 2017, 10am to 6pm
  • Where?: Holy Trinity Church, 215 Devonport Rd, Tauranga
  • What?: 10 live speakers on stage + 3 entertainment acts + glorious food all day
  • Cost?: $100 per person (discounts available for students and seniors)
    • Tickets go on sale Fri 1 Sep 2017

How YOU can help us


Thank you to all our amazing sponsors


Sheldon Nesdale
Marketing Lead for TEDxTauranga 2017

TEDxTauranga Tickets On Sale: Fri 1 Sep 2017

Just 15 days until tickets go on sale for TEDxTauranga 2017!

Quick Facts About TEDxTauranga 2017:

  • When?: Saturday 7 October 2017, 10am to 6pm
  • Where?: Holy Trinity Church, 215 Devonport Rd, Tauranga
  • What?: 10 live speakers on stage + 3 entertainment acts + glorious food all day
  • Cost?: $100 per person (discounts available for students and seniors)
    • Tickets go on sale Fri 1 Sep 2017

We’ve had several awesome sponsors come on board in the last few weeks:

  1. NZME
  2. EventFinda
    • Have been doing our ticketing since our 2014 event, they just make things very easy, thanks EventFinda!
  3. Ignition Co-working Space
    • PriorityOne’s co-working space on Grey Street, Tauranga is a modern workspace which houses a collaborative and diverse community. Useful for when you need a quiet workspace for period of intense concentration. Useful for when you need inspiration and ideas, just reach out to your fellow co-workers and collaborate, seek/share advice and think outside the box. Thanks Ignition!
  4. PowerCo
    • Are connectors. They connect your homes and businesses with electricity and gas and now they are back to connect you to our event with their sponsorship, thanks PowerCo!
  5. Comvita
    • We’re just so proud that Comvita is so awesome and world famous from here in the Bay, and they are back year after year to help us put on this show, thanks Comvita!
  6. MacKenzie Elvin
    • Have been with us since the very beginning. Every year they come back with the question “What do you need? How can we help?” They’ve helped us set up our charitable trust, they just did the wills for my wife and I, and they provide a range of legal services that you might need. Thanks MacKenzie Elvin!

I need your help to spread the word:

  1. Who could you reach out to today to encourage them to join us for TEDxTauranga? (Send them to our email subscription page so we can keep them informed
  2. Could you put up a poster for us? Download and print out our A4 TEDxTauranga 2017 Poster (177Kb .pdf)


Sheldon Nesdale
Marketing Lead for TEDxTauranga 2017

TEDxTauranga Ticket Update

Dear All

Welcome to our TEDxTauranga ticket update.

Just a reminder, the date of TEDxTauranga has been set to 7th October 2017.

This year at a new venue, the Holy Trinity Church, near Tauranga’s central business district.

We are sure this venue will provide a prime focus for the event, excellent facilities and a great atmosphere. Not to mention comfy seats!!

We are lining up a selection of wonderful speakers now, some from across the globe. We plan on continuing the TEDx tradition of a great day of meeting, conversation,  engagement. Be sure to tell your friends as this really is an opportunity to connect, enjoy all on offer and spark the imagination.

Previous attendees had this to say…

“I think it is a fantastic event and I know people who would really enjoy the day”

“I was hugely impressed by the quality of the speakers and the entire day. Well done!”

“Simple: intellectual stimulation and brilliant people”

Tickets will be on sale through Eventfinda and we will let you know as soon as they go on sale. Ticket prices will be $99 for the general public, with a discount for students and seniors.

As you all know entertainment is a key part of the TEDx experience. We now need 1 or 2 more volunteers to run our Entertainment Selection Project:

  • You’ll be choosing the 3 entertainment acts that we will have on stage this year on Saturday 7 October at TEDxTauranga
  • You’ll be making lots of phone calls and writing emails to research and interview potentials, and sorting out the logistics of the entertainers you book in
  • You will be working with Raewyn Jones, our 2nd-in-command and Lead of the Operations team this year
  • Please fill in this form: and tell us why you’re the best choice for running this project. We look forward to you joining us!

Please enjoy this inspiration for the week.

Having trouble with the video? Watch it here on

Save the date for TEDxTauranga 2017: Saturday 7 October 2017

Our team of 24 volunteers are hard at work on TEDxTauranga 2017.

We’ve already considered 86 potential potential speakers and we’ll be working hard at selecting our final 10 over the next few months.

3 things I need your help with today:

  1. Save the TEDxTauranga date in your calendar: 10am to 7pm Saturday 7 October 2017
  2. Join our Facebook event (and share it on your news feed)
  3. Send the following content to your friends by email (or even talk to your friends face-to-face. I know it’s 2017 but that form of communication still works apparently)

Forward this bit:

Dear your_friends_name

Have I told you about TEDxTauranga?

  • When?: 10am to 7pm Saturday 7 October 2017
  • Where?: Holy Trinity Church, 215 Devonport Rd, Tauranga

It’s a day long event with 18 items of content (approximately 15 minutes long each). There are 5 components:

  1. Live speakers on stage
  2. Live entertainment
  3. A selection of the best TED videos
  4. Top quality food and beverage
  5. Networking with like-minded individuals

It’s the highlight of my year because I get to:

  • Engage with speakers and other cool BOP people
  • Experience a TED-like event
  • Find ideas worth spreading

What is TED?

  • The history of TED  started in 1984 with the convergence of Technology, Entertainment and Design
  • Since 2006 TED has been available online and is a collection of over 2000 talks
  • Each talk is just 5 to 18 mins long
  • A new talk is added every week day
  • You can watch them all, for free, anytime

At TEDxTauranga every 15 minute component on stage will be different from the next:

  • One might make you think
  • Another, cry
  • Another, change the way you live
  • Another, motivate you to tell others
  • Another, change your mind about something you’ve always believed
  • Another, expose you to something you never knew could be so interesting

I do hope you’ll join me.

TEDx audiences describe the talks as one or more of the following:

  • Persuasive
  • Courageous
  • Ingenious
  • Fascinating
  • Inspiring
  • Beautiful
  • Funny
  • Informative

Want to stay informed about TEDxTauranga?

We’ll have 10 live speakers on stage, entertainment, healthy food, and 750 other like-minded people in the audience for you to meet.

Enter your email address here and keep up to date with TEDxTauranga

I think you’ll love it!


Your dearest friend,

Yay! Thanks, much appreciated!

What’s next?

  1. Keep watching TED talks yourself
  2. Share your favorites with friends and family
  3. Re-watch the amazing speakers from past TEDxTauranga events: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013: TEDxTauranga Video Page

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon 🙂


Sheldon Nesdale
Marketing Team Lead for / Saturday 7 Oct 2017

“Ideas worth spreading”

Phone: (07) 575 8799

Mobile: 021 128 5046