TEDxTauranga Speakers 2016

For TEDxTauranga 2016 (20 August) we had the following 13 speakers live on stage + 2 live entertainers + 3 TED Videos, for an audience of 720 people.

They were:

Michael Hershman

TEDxTauranga 2016 Speaker

Michael HershmanMichael Hershman, based in Washington D.C., is an internationally recognised expert on matters relating to transparency, accountability and corruption. Michael has also been recognised by the Ethisphere Institute in their list of the top 100 most influential people in business ethics worldwide.

Some of Michael’s accomplishments include:

  • Co-founder of Transparency International, an independent, not-for-profit coalition promoting transparency and accountability in business and in government
  • Newly appointed Group CEO of the International Centre for Sport Security, a global leader in sport safety, security and integrity
  • Member of the board of the United States Chamber of Commerce Foundation
  • Member of the board of directors and the executive committee of the Center for International Private Enterprise
  • Served for two years on the FIFA Independent Governance Committee

» Reports of drug cheating splash across our headlines every week. Systemic in Russia, crossing disciplines, its presence is felt throughout sport. Anti-Corruption pioneer Michael Hershman will shine a light into the dark corners of this world wide practice.

Email: mhershman@fairfaxgroup.us / LinkedIn Profile

Bryan Winters

TEDxTauranga 2016 Speaker

Bryan WintersBryan Winters has survived several Information Technology revolutions in his thirty years in the industry around the world. With experience ranging from the once largest company on the planet to being self employed, he is fascinated by the impact of computing on society. An internationally published author, Bryan and his wife Rosie live near the beach at Mount Maunganui, describing himself as an ageing surfer.

» It’s a numbers game…. that line could refer to a night out where you’ve spun the wheel of chance, and lost your hard earned money. Or it could refer to a countdown; the days between birth and death. Or perhaps to taxes? For Bryan Winters, numbers have shaped our world. In his talk he contemplates how numbers, from the earliest counting system, to today’s modern computers, have effected massive change on society. Count yourself in to hear this amazing and entertaining talk.

Email: wintersb@xtra.co.nz / LinkedIn Profile

Mike and Sharon Barton

TEDxTauranga 2016 Speakers

Mike and Sharon BartonMike and Sharon left careers in tertiary education in Auckland to go full-time farming in Taupo about 12 years ago. They became heavily involved in the science and policy driving protection of Lake Taupo’s water quality from the effects of farming; and have been recognised for their significant contributions to sustainable farming and the environment.

» Food! We all need it; it’s a matter of survival. And we want to have the best, then complain when the cost goes up. Beef farmers Sharon and Mike Barton are at the nexus of a new system and one that could change the way you look at your next meal.

Heather Hendrickson

TEDxTauranga 2016 Speaker

Dr. Heather HendricksonDr. Heather Hendrickson and her lab at Massey University in Auckland study various aspects of how bacteria evolve and exchange genetic material. She also goes on “phage hunts”, isolating and studying novel bacteriophages from New Zealand that are able to infect a wide range of bacteria. Heather enjoys talking about science. When she is not talking about science she is sometimes singing in her band “The Rulers of The World”. She owns, but does not yet really play, a Moog Theremini.

» We humans think we’re the top of the food chain, yeah nah! Without the benefit of “good” bacteria in and around us, we’d be dead. Meanwhile, ‘bad’ bacteria are systematically killed off with antibiotics. Trouble is that strategy isn’t going to work much longer. Without new therapies to enable the control of life threatening bacteria, we could be facing deadly consequences from a mere scratch. Heather Hendrikson gives us hope for the future.

Joshua Konowe

TEDxTauranga 2016 Speaker

Joshua KonoweJoshua Konowe is a highly successful and awarded entrepreneur with a history of building businesses from the ground up and driving value for both customers and investors. Joshua is a judge at Georgetown University’s entrepreneurial MBA program, a mentor at the Founder Institute, and volunteers at the Children’s Science Center, a non-profit in Washington DC. He is a single father of a 9 year old son, will travel to the edges of the earth for good food or good people. Most recently, he has developed a love affair for swimming.

» Startups – Great ideas waiting to burst into life! Million dollar babies for some but the majority fail before they get off the ground. Joshua Konowe has been there and will expound on why, and how to avoid going down the rabbit hole.

Armon Tamatea

TEDxTauranga 2016 Speaker

Armon TamateaArmon J. Tamatea (PhD) is a clinical psychologist and senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Waikato. He was previous to this a senior research advisor for the Department of Corrections and has worked extensively in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of violent, sexual and high-risk psychopathic offenders. His current research interests include psychopathy, gang communities, criminal justice and indigenous peoples, and institutional violence in prisons.

»This talk by Armon Tamatea may have you looking furtively at your neighbour, friend, partner, or work colleague and to beginning ponder, to wonder, could they be…..
What exactly is a psychopath? Not all are axe murders. So where are they and what do they do?

Johan Morreau

TEDxTauranga 2016 Speaker

Dr. Johan Morreau
Dr. Johan Morreau has been a hospital based child health medical specialist (paediatrician) in Rotorua, New Zealand since the end of 1983. In this time he has also held a range of senior medical leadership roles both nationally and locally. This experience has enabled him to develop a keen understanding of the relationship between Government policy and delivery of care; and to pose some interesting and challenging population child health questions.

» Children have been in Johan Morreau’s life for many, many years. As a paediatrician he’s seen it all, through the good times and bad. Softly spoken, but vehement in his approach to bring about change so that every small person has a chance to grow up full of wonderment, unafraid of life, and empowered to achieve their full potential.  That’s what a fully developed brain does for you. How hard can it be?

David Boothway

TEDxTauranga 2016 Speaker

David Boothway
David Boothway is a professional engineer with a Master’s degree in engineering and more than 25 years’ experience working in, and for local government; in the management, design and supply of city services. David sees himself as a “reborn” engineer; transitioning cities away from trying to solve everything with black tar and twelve cubic meters of concrete. David is married with two daughters, and is the Strategic Asset Planning Manager with the Christchurch City Council.

» Spring Street and Wharf Street are pavements enabling commerce and the passage of people; their names arise from features in the distant past. Engineer David Boothway, works with concrete in the pursuit of progress; but nature has a long memory.

Robin Youngson

TEDxTauranga 2016 Speaker

Robin Youngson
Dr. Robin Youngson is a New Zealand anaesthetist renowned for his pioneering work on compassionate healthcare. He’s the co-founder of the international ‘Hearts in Healthcare’ movement (heartsinhealthcare.com) and the author of ‘TIME TO CARE – How to love your patients and your job’. A captivating speaker, he’s been inspiring audiences in many countries spanning Australia, the USA, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, the Middle East, UK and Europe.
» New Zealand has one of the most beneficial and accessible health care systems in the world. And when you are seriously ill there is no better place to be than in a competently run hospital with modern technology and trained staff to aid your recovery.
However, caring for the sick isn’t all about the physical aspects of restoring health, as Robin Youngson will explain.

Jody Jackson-Becerra

TEDxTauranga 2016 Speaker

Jody Jackson-Becerra
Jody left her large family and island lifestyle in Samoa to pursue educational dreams; attaining her Masters in Management Studies (Management and Sustainability) from the University of Waikato in 2010. Jody believes that education is key to empowering communities; and in engaging and motivating children through storytelling, a tradition she was taught as a child. Jody is also passionate about creating artistic traditional headpieces and wearable art.
» How wonderfully soothing it is, listening to a story. You can let the words wash over you and allow images to enter the mind.  You can choose to engage or to be completely passive. The story may have a subtle message and, if you let them in, lessons can be learned.
Jody Jackson-Becerra weaves her magic, using a traditional Pacific Island story told to her by her grandmother. But wait there’s more!  You didn’t think it would be that straightforward did you?

Donna Miles-Mojab

TEDxTauranga 2016 Speaker

Donna Miles-Mojab
Donna Miles-Mojab is a British-born Iranian New Zealander interested in activism and promotion of justice, democracy and human rights. Donna worked as a senior mathematics lecturer in the UK before immigrating to NZ as a young mother and is now a successful blogger and published contributor on subjects relating to Islamophobia, Middle Eastern Politics, refugees and the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). Donna’s favourite pastime is strolling through food markets, visiting art galleries and enjoying the magic in the mystic poems of Rumi.
» Donna Miles doesn’t wear a hijab and probably neither do you, or many of the women you know. But women across the globe are forced to cover their heads or; on the flipside, are forced not to cover them.  In New Zealand’s open society would we ever pass a law requiring a nun to remove her habit?   Probably not.
Donna’s keen observations open the door to understanding.

Mike Jones

TEDxTauranga 2016 Speaker

Dr. Mike Jones has spent the past 16 years practicing medicine in emergency departments across the globe: from trauma centers in New York City to military hospitals in Afghanistan and Germany; and now to his current position at a public hospital in New Plymouth. A man of deep faith and a committed medical scientist, Mike loves spending time with his wife and six children, as well as fly-fishing and climbing mountains.
» It’s a condition of concern, of physical pain; to yourself and to others.
How do you really gauge what another is experiencing? What should you do about it?
These are the questions that doctors must answer quickly and effectively, every day and every hour that they’re on duty.
Mike Jones is amazed at the stoic nature of Taranaki farmers whom he treats as they pass through the ED’s where he is practices Emergency Medicine. In his talk, Mike discusses the effect of circumstances on your perception of pain. It’s a fascinating tour from exclusive private clinics to remote Afghanistan.

Shama Sukul Lee

TEDxTauranga 2016 Speaker

Shama Sukul Lee
A software programmer turned food tech entrepreneur, Shama Sukul Lee is re-imagining the high protein food system to make meat directly from plants with her innovative start-up Sunfed® Meats. Her mission is to evolve meat production to a cleaner, safer and more efficient model without compromising on taste and nutrition. Her mantra is to disrupt meat, not the environment. A workaholic by nature, Shama unwinds through outdoor adventures with her dog Khush and loves to get lost in a good sci-fi novel.
» Feed the World! A slogan, a Song and a Movement started by Bob Geldof in response to the images he saw of starvation, particularly of children, in Ethiopia, in 1984. 32 years on, the question remains – just how are we going to feed the world’s people?
Fast forward to 2013 and successful IT professional Shama Sukul Lee embarks on a very personal quest to find fulfillment.  You ask what is the connection?

Mark Wright

TEDxTauranga 2016 MC

Mark Wright is an actor, comedian, entertainer and raconteur. His professional acting career includes appearances in many renowned NZ series.  He is also a talented improviser and presenter having represented NZ at Improv festivals internationally and hosted numerous live and televised events. Mark is also in high demand as an entertainer, MC and presenter coach. Despite an accomplished career, he is still perhaps most well known as New Zealand’s original “ODD-FELLOW”. If you would like to talk to Mark about entertainment or MC gigs please contact him on 021 723 621 or mr.wright@xtra.co.nz

 Te Kahu Rolleston

TEDxTauranga 2016 Entertainer

Aotearoa/New Zealand’s poetry woven and cast by Te Kahu in English and Te Reo Maori. Be captured. Te Kahu Rolleston is a writer, creator and a spoken word poet. He is a NZ National Poetry Slam winner who loves words and their ability to inspire people.

The Jason McIver Collective

TEDxTauranga 2016 Entertainer

The Jason McIver Collective is the songwriting vision of Taupo-based, Motueka born musician Jason McIver. The JMC performs as anything from a solo act, duo, trio and full five piece band. At TEDxTauranga the JMC was; Jason McIver Vocals & guitar, Matt Hill lead guitar & backing vocals, John Boone djembe and percussion.If we had to sum up the music of The JMC, it would be a blend of blues inspired folk/rock with a twist of dub.


All songs are written by Jason McIver and available through Spotify and iTunes.