Sponsors 2017

We partnered with some visionary organisations to bring you this years TEDxTauranga: companies who shared our belief that new, and not yet imagined problems can be solved when creative and inquiring people share good ideas.


Platinum Sponsor

Powerco strives to deliver reliable energy to your door. We keep the lights on and gas flowing to more than 442,000 homes, businesses and organisations across the North Island.

Our energy brings warmth, comfort and security. We do this safely and efficiently and when supply is interrupted we respond quickly so you can get on with your lives.

We are proud of our small town origins and local history. You will see us getting behind community groups and events – it’s important to us to support worthy causes and organisations.

At Powerco, we are preparing for the future to provide a trusted service that evolves with changing technology.

Powerco says:
“Powerco supports TEDx Tauranga because of the wide appeal of the guest speakers.  Past presenters have captivated audiences with their TED talks.  No one goes home disappointed because of the intriguing topics that are covered over the day. The conference concept ties in well with Powerco’s vision of delivering New Zealand’s energy future.”

Ignition Co-working Space

Gold Sponsor

Ignition co-working space breaks the barriers of the traditional work space and is home to Tauranga’s growing community of entrepreneurs, self-employed, startups, contractors, professionals, business visitors and more.

Ignition says:
“We’re supporters of TEDxTauranga because the event will stimulate innovation, which is the key that will transform Tauranga into a high productivity economy that is globally competitive within its market niches”


Tauranga City Council

Gold Sponsor

Tauranga City Council is managing our city’s growth into the future, by providing and maintaining infrastructure for our growing city; delivering efficient services to our communities; and investing in Tauranga’s future, while managing rates and debt.

Tauranga is New Zealand’s fifth-largest and fastest-growing city, and home to around 124,600 people. Our city has New Zealand’s fastest-growing economy, skilled job opportunities and a strong labour market. Our region’s booming horticultural, manufacturing and marine industries are supported by New Zealand’s largest export port, a comprehensive infrastructure network and Tauranga’s innovative business culture.

Council’s Long Term Plan (LTP) brings together the aspirations that Council and the community have for our city.

The University of Waikato

Gold Sponsor

The University of Waikato has long had a presence in the Bay of Plenty and maintains a strong partnership with Toi Ohomoi Institute of Technology. Construction of a new CBD campus in Tauranga began this year and is due to open in 2019. We also are increasing the qualifications on offer in Tauranga and are committed to supporting future growth and innovation in the Bay of Plenty.

Our Coastal Marine Field Station at Sulphur Point and the Adams Centre for High Performance in Mount Maunganui are staffed by experts who can drive innovation and growth and attract high-quality researchers, international sports teams and individual athletes to the Bay of Plenty.


Bay of Plenty Times

Media Partner

The Hits

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Silver Sponsor

Silver sponsor Comvita was founded in 1974 by two Bay of Plenty beekeepers who set out to connect people to nature for the benefits of good health. Today, Comvita is a world leader in Manuka honey and fresh-picked Olive Leaf Extract, which are core to the company’s health products range and found on shelves of retail locations in 18 different countries.

Comvita Chief Innovation Officer, Sharon Hollenstein, says:
“Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Comvita. We are proud to support an event that provides a platform for sharing innovative, inspiring and worthwhile ideas locally. It’s fantastic that the Tauranga community has access to its own independent Tedx conference, as part of a highly-reputable global initiative.”

Mackenzie Elvin

Silver Sponsor

Mackenzie Elvin is a legal firm specialising in out-of-the-box solutions and innovative commercial thinking. We’re all about people and what they need. Mackenzie Elvin has a great team of specialists across a variety of areas who work together to provide solutions for you as an individual.

Mackenzie Elvin says:
“Mackenzie Elvin has always been a big supporter of TEDx. The sharing of ideas and new concepts is exciting and switches people on to new possibilities. We love being part of that process.”


Silver Sponsor

Like you, MyNOKE is trying to make a difference. We have a little help; close to TWO TRILLION earthworms are working at the largest worm farm in the world to achieve this goal. We partner with companies, city councils and institutions in New Zealand, upcycling 150,000 tonnes of organic waste per year and producing valuable, high quality vermicompost for use in the farming and horticulture sectors. And of course, MyNOKE earthworms will consume all organic leftovers from this year’s TEDx Tauranga as well.  One more step towards 100% pure New Zealand and a greener Bay of Plenty’

Bay of Connections

Silver Sponsor

Bay of Connections is a regional growth strategy for the wider Bay of Plenty, with a vision of creating a prosperous region supported by sustainable sectors.  It is simple and aspirational, with the aim of establishing and implement sector-based strategies that generate job growth.

At the heart of the Strategy are the philosophies of collaboration and connectedness.  Through working together at a regional, national and international level to connect the right people, places, businesses, organisations and industries, the benefits from within and into the region are boundless.

Grow Coaching

Silver Sponsor

Grow Coaching works alongside businesses that aspire to grow revenue, grow profitability and grow cashflow sustainably.

What makes us different is our commercial and chartered accountancy experience and our ability to help businesses grow organically and through acquisitions, all  under one roof.

Grow Coaching  says:

“Sustainability and growth comes in all shapes and sizes, TEDx provides the platform for showcasing these ideas.”


Bronze Sponsor

Bluelab Corporation specialises in the design and manufacture of electronic water-testing devices for measuring key parameters such as pH, conductivity and temperature. With the support of a global team they have achieved high recognition within their market segments for simplicity of product design, quality of their innovative products, and their high standard of customer service.

Bluelab says:
“Most great things are sparked by a single idea but it is through the convergence of many ideas that innovation occurs. TEDx provides a channel for sharing those ideas which stimulate innovation, enabling economic growth and sustainability, which is why Bluelab is proud to support the TEDx Tauranga event.”


Media Partner

MailChimp are global sponsors of all TEDx events providing all email newsletter functionality for free. Thanks MailChimp!

Tauranga Chamber of Commerce

Media Partner

The Tauranga Chamber of Commerce has a reputation for getting behind awesome events in our city and our event is yet another example. Thanks to Stan and his team for helping us spread the word this year!


Media Partner

An easy and affordable way to create an app for your event.



Modern Office

Cohesive workspace solutions. Thanks to the team for comfy chairs on stage this year!


Bernina Sewing Centre, Tauranga

In-kind Sponsor



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Sponsors of TEDxTauranga are innovative, leading organisations which are seen as forward-thinking organisations. If your organisation is dynamic with a community focus, we’d love to hear from you.

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